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[FOTO] ‘Ya Allah Bidadari Dunia’ – Gambar Berhijab Dapat Pujian Netizen, Ini Respon Daphne Iking

[FOTO] ‘Ya Allah Bidadari Dunia’ – Gambar Berhijab Dapat Pujian Netizen, Ini Respon Daphne Iking

Seakan sudah menjadi satu trend, ramai selebriti Malaysia yang kini sudah mengenakan hijab. Selain daripada keluarga, peminat antara orang yang tidak putus-putus mendoakan yang terbaik untuk selebriti kegemaran mereka.

Terbaru, gambar Daphne berhijab ketika menjadi host program kebajikan kutipan dana untuk pembinaan masjid di Seville, Spain menjadi tumpuan. Ramai yang teruja dan mendoakan yang terbaik buat Daphne. Namun, Daphne menjelaskan dia mempunyai sebab tersendiri mengapa masih belum berhijab.

Thank you to all those who wish and pray for me to have this, as my permanent look and dressing. I was dressed and styled especially for the event last night.

The abaya is from @bymarlena_official and the instant headscarf is a limited edition called JOURNEY designed by @elfaezaulhaq herself.

I’ve actually worn a shawl (I’m still not comfortable calling it a hijab due to my understanding of the actual term) over my head even before my conversion- wrapping it loosely before receiving communion or during random days that I feel like styling it the way I did.

I have my reasons for not donning a tudung (just yet?) – I truly believe, especially in a society like ours where one is quick to judge and point out flaws instead of looking at the brighter side, best I betulkan and improve my knowledge and strengthen the iman dahulu, so the outer reflects my inner journey too. God MUST be telling me something though. There has been too many circumstances in a series of events that have made me dig deeper in this journey of discovering myself and the deen.

InshaAllah, HE will shine a path for all of us to better ourselves. To do good. Be good.

Jangan lupa mengundi ye? Eh. #tetiba. .


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